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  • Fish ukulele

    Made from the finest woods, hand crafted.

    The Fishukulele is a real fish shaped ukulele. Fishuku has a nice fish shaped patented design. At Goldfish Guitars we are perfecting the fishuku fishukulele. The fishuku an be played with the fish shaped guitar pick known as the fishpick. These fishukus are concerts size. There are soprano fishukulules available in Mahogany, Linden, zebra and Maple woods.

    The fishukulele has a fish sound hole, whale tail bridge and fish shaped headstock. Fishuku plays great. and what a great gift for the ukulele player. If you enjoy ukuleles then you will love the fish shaped fishuku fishukulele. Fishukuleles are designed and engineered by Timothy Harrington, CEO of Goldfish Guitars. At Goldfish Guitars, customers satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

  • Spruce top fish ukulele

    Spruce top with Mahogany body. A classic

    At Goldfish Guitars we are about quality and customer satisfaction.

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    Prices range from $99 to $249 depending on model


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    Goldfish can be purchased at some fine music stores nationwide. All Goldfish Guitars and Fishuku ukuleles can be purchased at www.goldfishguitars.com. Goldfish Guitars are available on Amazon and Ebay. All designs are patented and have international trademarks.

    Fishukus are designed by Timothy Harrington. Mr. Harrington designs include Fishuku, Goldfish Guitars, Borealis Guitars and the fameous Fishpick.
    Goldfish Guitars can be purchased at www.goldfishguitars.com Fishuku and Fishuke are registered trademarks. We hope you enjoy our Fishukulele website!!!